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Wairire, G. G. Prospects and challenges for social work in poverty reduction and the realization of millennium development goals in East Africa. A paper presented at the World Conference for Social work themed ‘Social Work and Social Development 2012: Action and Impact’ held in Stockholm- Sweden from 8-12 July, 2012.

  • Wairire, G. G. The Development of Social Work Education in Africa A paper presented at the World Conference for Social work themed ‘Social Work and Social Development 2012: Action and Impact’ held in Stockholm- Sweden from 8-12 July, 2012
  • Wairire, G. G and  Zena Mwabeyo Social protection policies for orphaned and vulnerable children in East Africa A paper presented at the World Conference for Social Work themed ‘Social Work and Social Development 2012: Action and Impact’ held in Stockholm - Sweden from 8-12 July, 2012.
  • Akaranga Stephen 6th to 9th December, 2012-Conference on Roho Christianity: Pentecostalism in a Globalized African Public Space, Hosted by  Kenyatta University

Paper presented, Come, See, Pay And Receive Your Miracles And Healing: New Pentecostalism In Kenyan Urban Centres


  • Akaranga Stephen , 3rd to 4th December, 2012-National OSSREA Kenya Chapter Workshop, Hosted at Moi University, Kenya.

Paper presented, Mombasa Republican Council: A Socio-Political And

           Economic Challenge To Kenyan Government Development Plan

Akaranga Stephen , 1st to 5th August, 2012 –The First Kenyatta   University Conference on Gender Based Violence- Hosted at Kenyatta University Nairobi, Paper presented

African Traditional Cultural Conundrums Which Make Women Prone To Hiv/ Aids Infections: A Case Of The Maasai Of Kenya

Papers presented:The Dynamics Of Religiosity And Spirituality In

Kenyan Public Universities


  • Gona, G. “Elusive Peace in Kenya” paper presented at the public forum organised by Twaweza and Ahadi Kenya, Pride Inn Hotel, August 2012.
  • Esther Omondi , 2012. Attended a seven- day training workshop on Inside-Outside Learning Strategies   from 16th –30th August. Presented a paper on “The Role of The Teacher In Developing Critical Thinking in Early Learners”, held at the Inside-Outside Education Institute, Salt Lake City, USA.


  • Dr. Patrick O. Nyabul , 3rd-4th December, 2012: Paper Presented : “The Government of Kenya and the ICC Relationship Following the Post Election Violence that Rocked Kenya in 2008” at the International Conference on “The ICC, Judicial Governance and Trends of Justice”, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  • V.G. Simiyu, “ Revision of the school Syllabuses and textbooks of Social Studies at Primary School level ( Std Two –

               Std Eight) and History and Government , (Form One – Form Four) at

               the  in Secondary School level”, paper presented at the NCIC

               Seminars, Karen KCB Leadership Centre, 20 and 27 July, 2012.

  • Ayiemba, E.H.O. “Household formation and marriage in Kenya”. Paper presented at the 4th Population Association of Kenya Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 October2012.
  • Marani, M. “Emergency situations and humanitarian response in Kenya”. Paper presented at the 4th Population Association of Kenya Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 October2012.
  • Marani, M. Conflict and cooperation over natural resources – the role of customary governance traditional institutions. Paper presented at the Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya Workshop. Mwingi, Kenya, 2-4 August 2012.
  • Ndogoni, L.K. “Implementing an evidence-based community mental health support intervention to improve function and economic development. Paper presented at the World Vision-Australia Capacity Building Conference. Nairobi, Kenya, 12-20 November 2012.
  • Oluoko-Odingo, A.A. “Climate change, gender and reproductive health for sustainable development”. Paper presented at the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) Capacity Building Workshop. Arusha, Tanzania, 5-6 September2012.
  • Owuor, S.O. “Trends and patterns of urbanization in Kenya”. Paper presented at the First International Conference on Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration in sub-Saharan Africa. Nairobi, Kenya, 22-27 November2012.
  • Wambua, B. “Promoting services trade in developing countries: Chasing a black cat in a dark room”. Paper presented at the 6th TRAPCA Conference. Arusha, Tanzania, 22-23 November2012.
  • Wambua, B. “African trade under climate change and the green global economy”. Paper presented at the 5th TRAPCA Conference. Arusha, Tanzania, 7-8 August 2012.
  • Prof. H. Indangasi Biography as Literature: Paper presented:  The Example of The other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s father-Departmental Seminar, 2012.
  • Wanjiku M. Kabira:Paper presented:Mainstreaming Gender In Policies & Programmes: A Training Session For Pa parliamentary Research Department, Internship Programme at The Kenya National Assembly on August 30, 2012.
  • Wanjiku M. Kabira:Paper presented; Our Second Homecoming: Voices from African Women for the Department of Literature Journal 2012.
  • Wanjiku M. Kabira:Paper presented :Women’s Experiences as Sources of Public and Legitimate Knowledge: Constitution Making in Kenya for the AWSC journal 2012.
  • Wanjiku M. Kabira:Paper presented: The Historical Journey of Women’s Leadership in Kenya Paper presented at Regional Dialogue on Women Political Leadership: Lessons from experiences of Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa at Safari Park Hotel on August 14-16, 2012.
  • Alex Nelungo Wanjala , 21st November 2012. “Rerouting the Postcolonial: On Whose Terms?” Paper presented at a Departmental Seminar, Department of Literature, University of Nairobi
  • Dr. Mutie, July 2012: Attended a National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) Workshop at KCB Leadership Centre in Karen, Nairobi. Reresented a paper entitled: “Making Sense of Ethnic Identity in Kenya: Towards Cohesion?”


  • Dr. Mutie, July 2012: Attended the Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development in Stockholm, Sweden. In the conference, I presented two papers: “The Quest for Clean Water in Kenya: Social Workers Uneasy Role” and “Facilitating Social Development in Multiethnic Regions in Kenya”.


  • Dr. Fred  Jonyo, 2012       Presented a paper at Kasarani Sports View Hotel entitled; Political Parties and Politics of Elite Collusion. FES Kenya


  • Dr. Fred  Jonyo, 2012    Presented a paper at Kasarani Sports View Hotel entitled; Political Party Programmes and the Youth Question in Kenya. FES Kenya


  • Dr. Mumma - Martinon 14th December 2012: Study on Gender dimension of International Terrorism. Organised by Heinrich Boll Stiftung and Women’s Leadership and Public Policy Centre (WLEAP). Presented during the review workshop at Panafric Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.


  • Prof. J.N.K. Mugambi 2012 Briefing Session, Globethics.Net East Africa Annual Meeting, Nairobi, 14 November 2012.
  • Prof. J.N.K. Mugambi 2012 AACC Working Group on the Africa Academy for Theology and Religious Studies, Nairobi, 15-17 October 2012.


  • Oriare Nyarwath :4-9 November, 2012:  Writers Workshop at KWTI in Naivasha organized by ODL, University of Nairobi.
  • Dr. Patrick O. Nyabul , 5th November-9th November, 2012: Joint Writers Workshop for the School of Business and Faculty of Arts attended at KWSTI, Naivasha. 


  • Herbert Misigo Amatsimbi, Attended Human Resource Manual Development Workshop organized by Kenya National Library Service in November 2012 at Pan African Hotel.
  •   Esther Omondi 2012. Participated in Syllabus Revision workshop at   KWS  Institute, Naivasha ,Organized by the Department of Educational Studies, University of Nairobi
  • Wanjiku M. Kabira , Expert Group Meeting on Priorities for Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in today’s development context in Croatia from 31 July-2 August 2012.
  • Wanjiku M. Kabira , Regional Dialogue on Women Political Leadership: Lessons from experiences of Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa at Safari Park Hotel on August 14-16, 2012
  • Tom Mboya Ocholla, 19th – 22nd November 2012         Accompanied Nairobi University Political Science Students Association (NUPOSSA) on an academic trip to Makerere University.  Gave a talk on the subject East African Community.


  • Tom Mboya Ocholla, 4th -9th November 2012    Attended a writers workshop at the Kenya Wildlife Service Institute, Naivasha organized by the Centre for Open and Distance Learning, UON.


  • Tom Mboya Ocholla, 13th – 16th June 2012        Attended Faculty of Arts committees workshop at Maanzoni Hotel.  Made a presentation on the recommendations of the Welfare Committee.


  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, C.A. (2012):  Why Reconciliation and why a National Reconciliation Agenda for Kenya? Conference on the ‘Preparedness of 2012 General Elections, Jesuit Hakimani Centre 19th – 20th February.
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, 14th December 2012: Review Workshop on Gender Dimension on International Terrorism.  Heinrich Boll Stiftung and Women Leadership and Public Policy Centre (WLEAP), Panafric Hotel, Nairobi.  (Reviewer)
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, 4th December, 2012: “The Role of the Church in Nurturing Political Leadership and Good Governance: African Forum for catholic Social Teaching, Hekima College Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations.
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, 22nd – 25th November, 2012, Kasea Annual Seminar: Towards East African Integration: Regionalisation as a New Space for social and Economic Change. Pope Paul VI Memorial Hotel, Kampala, Uganda.
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, 29th November, 2012, NPI- Africa Violence in Transition Reflection: The Transformation of Violence through an African Comparative Lens: Lessons for Violence Prevention. Jacaranda Hotel, Nairobi.
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, 8th – 10th October, 2012: Electoral Reforms: The Road to Credible and Peaceful Elections: Nairobi University Political Science Students Associations (NUPOSA), St. Paul’s University Chapel, Nairobi.
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, April 2012: The Role of Women in Reconciliation, Kilimambogo TTC.
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon, 19th – 20th February, 2012:  Conference on the ‘Preparedness of 2012 General Elections by Jesuit Hakimani Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. 
  • Dept. of Political Science: Four student nominees for Karamazoo College Student Exchange Programme.
  •   July 2012,  the Department of Literature launched a College tour of the Free Travelling Theatre Led by Dr. Simon Otieno and Mr. Kimingichi Wabende.  The 22 students performed a play titled VISIKI whose theme is National Cohesion and Respect our Ethnic Identities. Changing the view and attitudes of the University students, who are also seen as the cream of the society, was one of the objectives of the 2012 FTT programme and to promote dialogue among students and staff.


  • Prof. Paul Mbatia of the Department of Sociology, University of Nairobi  and Prof. Wesley Shrum, a Sociologist at Louisiana State University, have produced a documentary movie dubbed Brother Time. The movie is a Kenyan tale of violence and humanity. Brother Time is a tale of two Rift Valley neighbours, whose friendship turn to conflict as ethnic passions threaten to engulf them. The film is narrated by Kenyans who witnessed ‘the clashes.’ It is a peace building documentary film made for the 2013 general election.


  • Prof. J.N.K. Mugambi 2012 External Examiner, School of Mission and Theology, Savanger, Norway, 27-31 August 2012.


  • Owakah Francis E A ; 28th July 2012; Strategic Planning & Capacity Strengthening Workshop for the Development of Novel Multi-Media Peace-Building Initiatives, Outreach Programs
  • Owakah Francis E A Africa Editor Journal of Global Ethics, Rutledge : Taylor & Francis

Contact Person: Lead Editor, Christien van den Anker, University of the West of England, Bristol

  • Owakah Francis E A : Associate Editor, Thought & Practice: A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya, Vol. 4 No. 1 August 2012. http://www.ajol.info/index.php/tp
  • Owakah Francis E A Associate Editor, Thought & Practice: A Journal of the Philosophical Association of Kenya, Vol. 4 No. 2 December 2012.


  • Dr. Ocharo, 31.01.2012: Gave a talk on Opinion poll – KTN
  • Dr. Mutie P.,October 2008 to-date: Chair, Board of Governors, Kathonzweni Girls Secondary School, Kathonzweni District.
  • Dr. Adams Oloo, Professional Membership And Affiliations:
  • African Association of Political Science – Kenya Chapter (AAPS-K)
  • African Studies Association
  • American Political Science Association
  • An affiliate member of the Center for Law and Research International (CLARION)
  • Kenyan American Studies Association (KAMESA)
  • Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF FELLOW)
  • Research and Civic Education team of the Agency for Development Education and Communication (ADEC)
  • A Research Associate of the French Institute of Research in Africa (IFRA)
  • Dr. Fred Jonyo, 2012, Current Outreach Activities


  • Resource Person - University of Minnesotta, Learning Abroad Centre
  • Resource Person – Friedrich Ebert Foundation
  • Resource Person – Ministry of State for Defence
  • Resource Person – Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board
  • Adjunct Lecturer – National Intelligence Academy, Republic of Kenya (Accredited to University of Nairobi)
  • Adjunct Lecturer – Kenya Institute of Administration (Accredited to University of Nairobi)
  • Dr. Mumma – Martinon 2012: Waste Watcher Recycling Project for Primary School pupils in Kenya – 2012.
  • Dr. Michael Ndurumo, 27th June, 2012 to Date; Appointed Member of the Board of Governors, Rev. Charles Muhoro Secondary School for the Deaf.
  • Fr. Dominic Wamugunda, My Thought in the Sunday Nation:
  • March 17, 2013, We have grown as a Nation, but work remains
  • March 24, 2013, Someone made up the Kenya ICC cases.
  • Dr. Adams Oloo, 3rd – 9th March, 2013, Nation TV, Decision 2013, on elections 2013.
  • The University of Nairobi Free Travelling Theatre led the relocation of the Peace Pillar with song and dance.

'Peace will not prevail because Kenya has a new constitution. Peace is a perception of the heart and of the mind. It is your perception of each other.'





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