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  • Communication Skills and Studies



Nairobi university arts students association (nuarsa) community day

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It was a great opportunity for our organization to be involved in this noble task. We thank the administration for the support which lead to successful completion of the exercise.


We want to specifically appreciate the effort of the principal college of humanities and social sciences and the dean faculty of arts for their great concern on the activity.


We also thank the students from the faculty of arts for sacrificing their time to participate during the community day.

On the picture, Abdi Mohammed (NUARSA SEC GEN) donating tools to  greenline co coordinator Mr. Waithaka.

Message from Nairobi greenline coordinator.

It is our joy when we get to know that many people recognize what we are doing. It is a great and tough task, it has not been easy, but through the corporation from other organizations we will succeed.


We appreciate NUARSA for choosing to partner with us. To be part of this great responsibility that has been bestowed to us.

Students watering trees at the Nairobi national park

NUARSA officials planting a tree during the Nairobi national park community day.

These are some of the animals in the park. They are among the first tourist attractor in our country, therefore we should make effort to preserve the environment they live in. As intelligent people and citizens of this country we should be ready to sacrifice for a better environment starting from our own institution.

with the precedent set by Prof . Wangari Mathaai, to preserve the  environment by making it green. According to vision 2030 0ur environment is given the first priority.




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Dr. Otanga Habil Ferd

Message from the Coordinator


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