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A Teacher For All Time

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This study focused on the writing of the life story of Mary Okelo. Mary Okelo is a global corporate executive, a career banker, and an educationist. She hails from the renowned Awori family which constitutes the former Vice President of Kenya Moody Awori, accomplished layers, medical doctors, sportsmen, social workers and gifted managers.
Chapter one introduces the biographical subject and the genre of biography and its place in literature. It also encompasses the statement of the problem, objectives, hypotheses, justification, literature review, theoretical framework, methodology, and scope and limitations.
The chapters that follow narrate the life of Mary Okelo. This narrative was created after a research on the facts surrounding her life. The writing was guided by biographical theory and narratology.
The essence of writing the story was to create a portrait of a Kenyan woman who has significantly contributed to the welfare of the society and display to the reader lifelong lessons. This task also demonstrates that the stories of women should be told, and that biography is a genre that squarely belongs to literature.

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Dr. Otanga Habil Ferd

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