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We live in an age of technology and mechanized innovation, in order for mankind to sustain and indeed advance these innovations the use of natural resources is key. Resources such as fossil fuels, precious and semi precious metals and other organic and inorganic assets are invaluable to the advancements that help man continuously invent and innovate. The industrialized^ countries of the west heavily depend on mechanized technology for transportation, farming, manufacturing, among other things.

This has led to increased emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases from internal combustion engines as well as a general by product of wide spread technological advancement. It is xonfortunate that technological advancement and environmental degradation go hand in hand. In Africa however we are at a distinct disadvantage in that we are the least developed continent and produce the bulk of materials that have aided the west’s development but we are the most vulnerable to the environmental hazards of global warming and other effects of GHG.


It should be noted that although there is monetary gain to developing countries this money cannot quite substitute the position and role of the natural environmenfr"ri^e~therefore^^ / endeavovu-ed to analyze this relationship in this reportj^^^y^ope that the information gathered will shed some light into the state of Carbon Credit trading in Kenya.

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Njau Kevin Muchira
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Dr. Otanga Habil Ferd

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